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Plan to Act! - Project KickStart v6 is HERE

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Keystroke is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited Project KickStart v6, the successor to the wildly popular v5 from early 2012.

Project KickStart is an easy-to-use project planning software for small to medium sized projects. From planning a project to creating a project schedule, Project KickStart's award winning project management software makes it easy to manage. Let Project KickStart help you plan your next project in just 30 minutes.

Oct 25, 2018

All Project KickStart versions 5 & older to be sunset in December 2018

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As we release the long awaited upgrade to Project KickStart 5, we need to plan the path forward for Project KickStart 6 and future versions, and spell out the implications of some of the decisions we’ve made.

Keystroke acquired in late 2016 and Project KickStart in late 2017 from Experience in Software. It was our intention to update both platforms to contemporary standards and release them together so customers could enjoy the natural synergy these project management solutions offer.

Oct 18, 2018